Sunday, 2 March 2008

Out for a stroll

Colchester Castle Park Daffodils Mothering Sunday.
Canon 5D Camera 17 to 40mm f4 lens
All Images ©Robert Clare 2008 All Rights Reserved
Out for a Morning stroll in Colchester Essex Castle Park on Mothering Sunday. With a Canon 5D and a 17 to 40mm f4 lens. Daffodil blooms more sparsely spread than in previous years. The Daffodil is also known as the Lent lily.

Colchester claims to be Britain's Oldest Recorded Town. The Romans called it Camulodunum. Boudicca (Boadicea AD60 or 61) the Queen of the Iceni defeated the Romans here and burnt the temple dedicated to Claudius the Roman Emperor. The Normans built this Castle on top of the remains of the temple between 1069 and 1076. The Castle contains an excellent award winning Museum which is great for kids.

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